Friday, July 24, 2015

Maca Root for hormonal balance, energy & mood booster

This is an herb I've taking on for some time now.  Almost two years.  I began taking it to help balance my hormones, and regulate my periods.  I had a few other concrens, that were addressed and corrected when I began taking this.  Such as energy, mood, and acne.  It helped with all of those.  It was used thousands of years ago.  By Peruvians, who lived in a high altitude.  It was their natural remedy for energy and fertility.  Prior to maca root, my cycles would occur every 15-18 days. Meaning I bleed every other week.  After maca root, they end to the normal 28-31 day cycle. Which is great.  It's also great for women going through menopause. If you're into alternative medicine and are experiencing infertility, low libido, mood swings, irregular cycles, and fatigue. I highly recommend this product.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Organic soap

Hey everyone.  A few months ago I learned the benefit of using natural soaps.  Most soaps, contain parabens.  Which is just as dangerous as estrogen.  Having endometriosis, I try to avoid certain things. For example, If you use dove.  Check the ingredients on your body wash.  It contains "gylcein soy".  A chemical name for soy.  I was able to find a laundry soap alternative. However,  it wasn't until recently that I found one for my household soaps.  Meyers is company that makes hand soaps, dish & laundry detergents.  I love the basil, lemon, & honey suckle.  If you're looking for a natural alternative.  Check out this brand, sold online, at target, and Walgreens. 
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Dragon fruit, rambutan, mangosteen, oh my 😋

I've been on the hunt for a variety of exotic fruits.  About a year back, I thought I could only find such at idle eastern asian, or international mercados.  A few were so good, they didn't make this post. Lol. Like the cassava.  There was even one that I'm still not sure the name of.  Pictured first below.  I mentioned recently that sometimes whole foods selection can be limited.  However, I was reminded by my mother, and a few Asians.  That my local market carried what I was searching for.  I found some rambutams, dragon fruit, green figs, and mangosteens.  I cleaned them with about 1/2 a teaspoon of Meyers dish soap, a 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.  Then I ran them under some luke warm water.  Allowed them to soak for five minutes then rinsed them.  The rambutam is delicious.  A juicy grape with an almond for a seed.  The green figs were soft on the outside, with juicy tangy seeds on the inside.  The dragon fruit tastes similar to kiwi.  The mangosteen is sweet and sour.  I'm surprised, I wasn't looking for this one.  Yet, I probably enjoyed it the most.  Nature is beautiful and delicious.  
Unknown: hard, Cross between pear, apple, and potatoe. 

Green figs:soft, seedy, crunchy, sweaty, tangy.

Dragon fruit:similar to kiwi in texture and taste.

Mangosteen:sweet, sour, delicious

Friday, July 17, 2015

Chia Pod for breakfast! Soy and dairy free!

This is a quick and easy breakfast.  Chia pods can be found at any whole foods.  Only contains chia seeds, vanilla bean, and coconut milk.  It needed to be a little sweeter.  So I added some 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut sugar.  Along with some strawberries and blueberries.  The texture is a chewy crunchy, pudding.  It's so good!  

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hey everyone.  New episode is uploaded.  The day I went to listen to Dr. Sebi's lecture. One of the many lectures I frequent.  He is a world renowned healer.  Who was also featured in Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez last days documentary. This is a lost file.  My apologies to the people. I met there for uploading this so late.  I had to receive a specific program.  To cater to my endometriosis needs.  Please like, comment, & subscribe!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Now on Instagram!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to announce that I'm officially on Instagram. Yes, I'm late.  I do things at my own pace.  So follow me for posts and updates.  @myendometriosisdiary