Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Instagram Artist Post On Endometriosis

        Instagram is full of talented people. Sharing their gifts with the world. While scrolling my feed one day. I came across an artist's post regarding endometriosis. The drawingg basically a man explaining to someone that his wife has endometriosis.  To an onlooker, a women with endometriosis pain can be viewed as exaggerated. I love this depiction because not everyone who is ill, looks it. Endometriosis also causes labor like pains. I also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. It's one of the reasons why I follow the endometriosis diet. Otherwise, the pain from scar tissue on my intestines, and bowels (I have Stage IV endometriosis),would leave me on the toilet all day. 
      Ugo Jesse also makes awareness posts on various health conditions. While also making drawings as advertisements. Some of his work is below.  
Check him out on instagram @ugojesse