Friday, February 27, 2015

Lost files vlogs 6-11

Hey everyone.  Here are a few of the latest episodes.  Follow the links to get to them.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel! Enjoy! Thank you all for reading...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vlog #11 goal of blog/vlogs part II

Hey everyone.  Check out the latest episode!  http://youtu.be/Q0Izjtg5nlY
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice cream review!!! dairy, soy and gluten free

      Finding snacks following the #endo diet. Is difficult.  To be honest.  Avoiding dairy soy, pork, red meat, eggs, and little no chicken or turkey is down right challenging!  Nevertheless, I've prevailed.  I've got all my #foodie needs covered.. being brave enough to experiment.  I've found some awesome remixed recipes.  Also stumbled upon some awesome prepared snacks.  
       I thought I'd found the holy grail, when I discovered that I could have a variety of ice cream to choose from.  It's an indulgence I reward myself with.  While reaching r for what 'was' my favorite ice cream the other day.  I noticed Coconut Bliss,  salted caramel and chocolate.  I couldn't resist.  When I tried it I feel in love... No exaggeration.  This is the best dairy and soy free ice cream ice ever had.  Completely replacing my previous one.  Coconuts are full of good fatty acids, low glycemic, and gluten free.  It's basically guilt free!  Do you know how long it's been since I've had caramel? To long!   I'm mad that I didn't get more.  I advise anyone that's advise every to try this! 

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Pain Therapy

      Having any chronic illness is difficult.  Your illness usually brings along friends.  Other conditions that are brought on by having the disease.  To help combat the accompanied pains, I use topical oinments.  Words can't express my love for them.  They help ease the shooting, stabbing, pinching, itching, burning, nerve pain.  Over the years, I've tried various ones.  Biofreeze, liniment, Icy Hot, the list goes one.  I stuck with liniment for years.  Until I found Triginta.  It is not only for all the types of nerve pain, but it's also anti inflammatory.  Topical ointments aren't just for diabetics.  Anyone with pain, specifically nerve pain will get relief from using it.  With prolonged use, it can reduce symptoms.  It's safe, easy, and effective.  When I use it at night,  I fall fast asleep.  The same effect I get from using the warmth of my castor oil packs.  Triginta, pain therapy works wonders.  I even notice it helps with the throbbing, shooting symptoms of my ovarian cysts.  It's deep penetrating.  It's also recommended to wrap the area that the lotion is used on with Saran Wrap, a few times a month.  For best results.  I use it that way and it phenomenal.  There is a link to my YouTube channel.  With me speaking about the Triginta lotion.  I recommend this to all of my endosisters and anyone with nerve pain.  This stuff works wonders.  Visit www.99natural.com to find your local distributor! 
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another dairy and soy free milk review!

    Avoiding dairy and soy is difficult at times.  Yet, I've managed over the years.  It's a sacrifice, for a better quality of life.  Through research, trial and error, I've learned a lot.  Yet, seeing new variations of your favorite things is rare.  So when I do, if I can, I'll usually try it.  When I saw Califa brand almond milk at the store, the bottle looked appealing.  Not only that, there are two versions of it.  Almond and toasted coconut.  The toasted coconut was so devine, I didn't get a photo of it.  I do not count calories, so I wasn't guilty about the switch.  Also, it's not as sweets as other almond milks.  This gallon is half way gone...about the switch.. This is rich, creamy, and simply delicious!


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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dairy and soy free milk, review

I'm With endometriosis.  I have learned to appreciate the simple things in my journey.  When I initially started the endodiet.  I was so upset and hungry.  Determined to find pleasure once again with my good.  I first learned to remix all recipes.  That requires finding the right dairy and soy free replacements.  One of the dairy and soy free items I love is milk made from legumes....  I'm always willing to try the new products that are vegan, and endo friendly...  
This week I tried silks new milk.  It's made from cashews.  It is so delicious, creamy and smooth.   A great twist on the usual almond milk.   Cashew milk is certainly added to my long list of favorites.  Thank you Silk.  This milk is awesome!! 
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Endometriosis, is the evidence of things unseen...

      Hey everyone.  Thank you all so much for subscribing to my YouTube series.  My series will discuss the many aspects of having endometriosis and how I handle them.  I am not a professional.  I just want to share my journey,  my tips, and my support for other women with the same condition.  Support that I needed, and still need.  It's a support group for women like myself. 

      Last year I read an article in one of my favorite local papers.  It stated that, "Vlogging killed the blogger".  I knew in that moment that I would have to expand my blog.  To reach a larger audience.  With the hopes that along with my story, more awareness would be raised.  As well as dispelling the many myths, misconceptions, and ignorance about endometriosis. It was this article that gave me reassurance regarding the idea of adding Vlogs.  It still took me numerous takes in front of he camera, to get comfortable with sharing my life with the world.  One that people shut out, or pretended to ignore.  I didn't know how I was going to express something that most individuals didn't acknowledge.  
     Me being a better writer, than public speaker.  I was initially hesitant about starting my blog and video blogs.  I delayed the virtual blogs because I enjoy my privacy.  Yet,  that had to be something that I would have to let go of.  In order me to be properly understood.  Bout an illness that hides in the bodies of seemingly healthy women..This was like broadcasting a section of my journal, for the world to see.  Even if you know me in real life.  You may or may not be aware of my many capabilities.  Hell, it took me years to realize that I was able.  

     Along with changes with I learned a lot about myself.  People began to perceive me differently.  I decided to fuil that negativity into something positive.  I cut off anyone who I felt was intentionally disrespectful.  I know that often times when doing the unthinkable.  That I would be seen as crazy.  Or some people would make nasty comments because they arent brave enough to speak up In their own lives.  I knew ahead of time that people may or may not be receptive to it.  Knowing this starting out,  I had to be brave in spite of it.  My journey serves a purpose.  I have to continue to spread light on endometriosis.  By sharing intimate details of my life.  This gave me the courage I needed to be more expressive.  
       Along with being plagued by many health issues.  All of these aspects gave me the platform to be who I needed to be.  I shed my old image, like a beautiful flower shedding its petals.  Or the leaves falling in October.  When a person changes, it often prompts questions and judgements.  Which is reactionary.  People want and expected me to stay the same.  Or for me to be defeated by the obstacles in my journey.  Especially when they are from the same environment as I am.  Yet, it shaped and molded me differently.  So naturally,  it was assumed that my circumstances had changed me.  Yet, they did. They changed me for the better. 

     I changed along with my circumstances.  The past no longer suited who I'd become.  Who I am now.  Coming from a background where the women in my family are very familiar with pain.  Pain that only women can relate to.  They to make many assumptions.  That I'm over exaggerating.  That my pain wasn't so bad.  These assumptions coming from other women who experience similar symptoms.    

       People are entitled to their opinion.  However,  I used reach out.  To ask about what their health issues were like for them.  They would often make their health seem worse than mine.  Just to downplay my condition.  Which is frustrating.  Even them being completely aware of my condition and for my age.  I still don't get empathy?  Endometriosis is something that can't be seen.  People don't believe what they can't see.  Sadly even if they are aware of it.  Or maybe even experienced it themselves. 

 After so long I don't expect it anymore.  It is what it is.  I know that my mother dealt with this.  Her mother, and so on.  It's even difficult for her to discuss endometriosis with me.  I believe that comes from her not being properly understood and misdiagnosed.  Most of us with endo aren't alone in with the things we inherit.  So the though of me conceiving a little girl.  Who may inherit it too.  Weighs heavy on my mind.  I fear for her pain already.  Along with other young women.  I look at my nieces and cousins.  I pray that this gene skips them. I want for endo to be ok to discuss by then.  For it it to properly understood by then.  I don't want her to go through what I went through.  It was one of the things that gave me courage to say, "I can do this!"  I'm going to talk about endo no matter if people want to hear it or not.  Being an advocate comes along with telling my story.  I have to fight for the evidence of things unseen.  We can't see our faith.  Yet, we still keep it.  I will continue to raise awareness...

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Scallop And Oyster Soup Recipe

     When trying something new.  I have to make sure the ingredients can be substituted.  With dairy and soy free ingredients.  This was quick and easy to make.  It takes less than twenty minutes to prepare. Enough is made so that I don't have to cook dinner throughout the week.  I recently made this for the first time and fell in love.  It's super healthy.  Filled with zinc and fatty acids.  Plus it doesn't require me to be on my feet long. Quick, delicious, and healthy.   

2 cans of oysters 
1lb of bay scallops
3 tbsp of fresh parley
5 cloves of garlic ( chopped)
2 tbsp of pepper
3 tbsp of Himalayan pink salt (or salt of your choice)
1 tbsp of oregano
2tbsp of smoked paprika
2 potatoes chopped
3 ears of fresh corn 
3 stalks of celery (chopped)
Earth balance butter (soy free)
kalifa almond milk half a gallon
One cup of water
One large pot
Cheese (for topping)
Wheat crackers ( to eat with soup, optional)

Dice up the potatoes, garlic, celery, and parsley.  Cut the corn off the cobb, then place all in a bowl.  Once that's done.  Pour half the gallon of almond milk with a cup of water into the pot.  Begin to boil it, on low.  Pour in the veggies. Then open the oysters.  I cut them into bite sized pieces.  Hen I put them into the pit.  Along with the water from the can.  After that,  put the scallops in.  Let boil for 20 minutes.  The seafood doesn't take long.  The soup is done when the potatoes are soft!  Use a ladle to put some soup in a bowl.  Top with cheese and pepper. Bam! (In my Emarls voice). You have oyster scallop soup! Enjoy!

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Vlog #5 Hormonal Treatments for Endometriosis

      Hey everyone.  In this episode,  I discuss the hormonal treatments for endometriosis.  This is just one way doctors treat the illness.  Subscribe to my #Youtube channel.  
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vlog #4 Negative comments towards women with endometriosis

In this video., I discuss some of the negative things that were said to me.
Part I

Part II

Lost file Vlog #3 What happened after surgeries

In this video.  I discuss what happened after the surgeries.  I explain it in full detail.  There were alot of adjustments made.  Seeing how I managed to delete this video!!  I'm still experiencing some technical dificulties.  Folow this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wML9pjbhU0k
 Enjoy!  Subscribe to My Endo Diaries Youtube channel.

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