Monday, April 3, 2017

The Lox in Detroit at Seva

   While grabbing a bite of food at Seva (located in Livonia, Ann Arbor & Detroit).  I was waiting for my carry out when this guy came and sat next to us.  Sparking up a conversation, while I was indulging in a cup of ginger tea. Once I was told to look up.  I noticed it was Style P, from the LOX.  It was 1/3 of the holy trinity sitting with us.  Also picking up his dinner.  He invited us to the show. Yet, I was in need of sleep. Plus time to grieve.  Yet, was very appreciative of the thought.

   He and Jadakiss are vegans.  They also own several juice bars in New York.  We spoke about them.  He seemed happy that I knew about them. They are serious about the healthy eating lifestyle and teaching people about the importance of it.  If any of you are near them or plan to visit New York.  Check out there juice bar!